~ Manicure


~ French Manicure

~ Shellac Manicure

~ Manicure with Paraffin

~ Polish Change

~ Polish Change (French)



~ Pedicure


~ French Pedicure

~ Pedicure with Paraffin

~ Polish Change

~ Polish Change (French)


Optimal Facials - 60 mins

 ~ Dr. Renaud Basic Facial
Deep-cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, ampoule, massage and an individually chosen mask for your specific skin condition.
Treatment duration: 60 minutes

 ~ Teen Facial
Deep pore cleansing treatment.

 ~ HydraScience AHD3 Multi-hydrating


Combines overall well-being and deep relaxation with high performance. This supercharged treatment re-activates the skin’s natural hydrating mechanisms by teaching the skin to self-hydrate. Leads to visible results from the very first treatment:

  • visibly younger-looking skin surface
  • exceptional comfort
  • suppleness, softness, freshness and glow!

These immediate benefits are increased when doing a cure and the following positive effects are added:

  • reinforced skin’s resistance to environmental and climatic stresses
  • a stronger and less reactive skin
  • a greater vitality

Treatment duration: 60 minutes


 ~ Clear Up


Acne Management Professional Treatment combining the efficacy of topical medication with exceptional cosmetic qualities specifically created for the treatment of acne skin and oily skin.

  • facilitates extraction of comedones
  • controls bacterial proliferation
  • controls inflammation and redness  
  • purifies, soothes & hydrates the epidermis
  • fights the formation of comedones and acne pimples

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.


 ~ Glycolac Plus with AHA Anti-ageing, Refining, Hydrating


Represents a first choice treatment to refine the texture of the skin owing to the synergistic combination of 5 AHA – Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, Tartaric and Malic Acids with complementary active ingredients.


  • the hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis
  • the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots
  • firmness
  • the complexion’s glow and clarity

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.


 ~ Radiance White – Integral Brightening Treatment

A spotless & bright future awaits you!

With Laser C™ Complex

Thanks to its unique formula, Radiance White™ offers the best standards of efficacy in one single treatment not only to reduce brown spots, but also to enhance clarity and glow. In addition, it represents a real asset in the fight against skin ageing!

·         Reduces the appearance of brown spots

·         Evens skin tone

·         Rehydrates the epidermis

·         Refreshes and cools the skin

·         Improves the overall appearance of the skin while adding comfort and well-being

·         Helps diminish ageing signs

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

 ~ Pure Kronoxyl-


PureKronoxyl- technology corrects the appearance of the 3 types of wrinkles:
At the surface, through its smoothing action, Pure smoothes out fine lines and superficial wrinkles from within, through its restructuring action, it fills deep wrinkles

  • in depth, through its dermo-relaxing action, it corrects and prevents expression lines

Pure improves the major aesthetic parameters:

  • it visibly smoothes the skin’s texture
  • it intensifies the complexion’s luminosity and “healthy-pink” component

Pure prevents cutaneous ageing:

  • it maintains the skin’s firmness and tonicity
  • it protects the skin against the effects of biological ageing

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.


Express Facials - 30 mins

Need a break in the middle of a busy day or a "boost" before an evening out... It’s now possible thanks to the Laboratoire Dr Renaud Professional Express Facials. They combine the promise of results, which built the Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s reputation for over 60 years, with rapidity. A perfect concept for active and busy people!

A smoothed, re-energized look in record time – less than 30 minutes!

 ~ Beauty Flash Youth Enhancing Facial

The Beauty Flash Youth Enhancing Facial is a concentrate of anti-ageing and youth enhancing active ingredients with an immediate action. It smoothes wrinkles and fine lines as if lifted, and returns suppleness and firmness to the skin.

 ~ Beauty Flash Antipollution Oxygenating Facial

The Beauty Flash Hydrating Soothing Facial is a concentrate of ultra-hydrating and soothing active ingredients with an immediate action. It diminishes redness or sensations of discomfort while giving back the skin maximum hydration and suppleness.

 ~ Beauty Flash Beautifying Eye Care

The Beauty Flash Beautifying Eye Care Facial is a professional treatment consisting of three phases, especially created for the care of the eye contour, the most delicate and active area of the face. It helps to attenuate and prevent skin ageing signs. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and smoothed. Dark circles and bags under the eyes are diminished. 



~ Brow

~ Lip

~ Chin

~ Bikini

~ Brazilian

~ Full Leg

~ Full Leg & Bikini

~ Thigh

~ Thigh & Bikini

~ Lower Leg

~ Full Arm

~ Half Arm

~ Under Arm

~ Back









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